Biomass pellet mills
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Robust equipment made in Germany

Feeding, Fueling and Building
a Better World.

From the food you eat to the fuels you require, CPM plays an important role in making the world more efficient and more sustainable.

Our experienced team and family of trusted brands are working together to make our planet a better place to live.

CPM Biomass Pelleting Solutions

With three types of pelleting solutions, CPM’s biomass equipment portfolio is expansive and offers customers with the flexible options they need to plan their optimal processing operation.

Through CPM’s acquisition of Innovative Pelleting Solutions GmbH, we bring to market the only high capacity, direct drive pellet mill capable of processing 10-12 tons of biomass feedstocks per hour.

Advantages of
CPM Biomass Pellet Mills:

“Manchester Barbecue Pellets are manufactured with a CPM Direct Drive pellet mill. It’s a highly durable and efficient machine. Our pellets quality is outstanding! This is German engineering a its finest.”

Scott L. Licamele, Vice President